Fair Isle Consulting

Fair Isle Consulting is a consultancy service specializing in design thinking. We add value through partnering with you on market analysys, product design and change management.

We can help with:
 - Engagement Campaigns
 - Audience Segmentation
 - Go To Market Planning
 - Experience Design
 - Content Management
 - Web & Digital
 - Print Design

We can help with:
 - Market Analysis
 - User Requirement Workshopping
 - Strategic Feature Prioritization
 - Development Roadmapping
 - Stakeholder Engagement
 - Test Plan Authorship
 - Usability Testing

We can help with:
 - Scalability
 - Change Management
 - Fostering Innovation
 - Process Workflows
 - Program Management
 - Project Planning
 - ISO Certification

Reach out to us at enquiries@fairisleconsulting.com with a brief description of your needs.